based on the book by Rod Stryker


in Bend Oregon
sponsored by The Studio

May 18-20
9:30am-6:00pm daily + Follow-up Session (TBA)

  • Local organic vegetarian lunch included daily

  • Follow-up Session via Skype or E-Mail

  • Fully accredited towards ParaYoga ® certification

  • Counts toward 300 hour YA certification with Mary Johnston-Coursey

  • 24 CTE hours for RYTs

  • Cost: $395, $345 Early Bird / For returning students: $275, $260 Early Bird by April 18

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"The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet."

— Frederick Buechner

THE FOUR DESIRES is a modern rendition of an ancient approach to self-transformation. It is a game-changer. This is not a traditional book group, but is process-oriented and draws from ancient Vedic teachings around self-reflection. With the guidance of a teacher to introduce and lead these practices, this FOUR DESIRES course will offer supportive tools intended to unfold our highest purpose, our soul's calling, and lead us onto a path of courage and joy. 

The Four Desires process helps us identify Dharma - our soul's unique purpose, and that which brings the deepest joy.  We then uncover Vikalpa - the very hidden and insidious obstacles that sabotage and prevent us from manifesting our highest purpose. Finally, we establish Sankalpa - an intention that aligns with Dharma to move us forward along our path. Ultimately, we will learn a process of dissolving our obstacles as we simultaneously empower our desires.  

Our lives have a trajectory, largely determined by unconscious thought patterns that are driving us in one direction, while blocking us from our highest potential. Once we identify these thought patterns. they loosen their hold on us. We use the yogic practices of self-reflection, meditation, and yoga nidra to bypass the intellect and access the unconscious mind as well as the Buddhi - our inner guide of wisdom. By cultivating our intuitive wisdom and planting seeds of intention directly into the unconscious mind, we completely transform the trajectory of our lives. We begin to answer the calling of the soul.

The course will include:

  • Lecture/discussion

  • Guided meditation 

  • Journaling and self-reflection that grows out of meditation

  • Partner work

  • Group process

  • Gentle asana

  • Yoga nidra

  • Guided meditations and yoga nidra will be recorded and available for all students to take home.


"Mary’s skillful / masterful teaching of 4 Desires has fundamentally changed my life.  Mary has a unique gift for this profound and sensitive work. She dives deep with respect and compassion fostering a community with boundless support.  A vast set of practical tools are employed first to discover, verbalize, and feel the root cause of obstacles and habits and then to create lifelong change.  I had been grappling with a desire for deep change for years. This course was quite challenging, but it has paid off well beyond my expectations.  I am continually astonished by the power of this work."  ~ Julie

"I have taken The Four Desires course from Mary Johnston-Coursey twice and I just can’t get enough!  The things I have learned in this course have been so valuable to me.  I have discovered and re-discovered things about myself that I never imagined were hiding behind the veils of my ego and mind.  I can’t imagine doing this potent work without Mary there to support me.  She offers a humble and sincere approach to guiding individuals into discovering their Dharma, or purpose.  Mary provides a safe environment to let go of our attachments and discover our souls.  Mary is extremely patient.  She offers so much help but also encourages us to discover our truths on our own, and it is hard work!!  Mary has so much knowledge to share and she does it so eloquently and beautifully.  Her amazing guided meditations are the icing on the cake!  Anyone could benefit from this course and would be lucky to have Mary as a teacher.  Thank you Mary, I am forever grateful."  ~ Mary


Develop your eye and grow your capacity to use safe hands on adjustments while teaching asana. Refine your own understanding of the poses by receiving expert adjustments. 

Avenues Yoga / 68 K Street
Saturday November 18th - 2:00-6:00

Cost: $99
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