I am thrilled to offer these exceptional and totally unique ParaYoga® Master Trainings. Open to dedicated yogis, seekers, and teachers wishing to deepen their practice and offerings. Each can be taken individually or as part of tiered learning blocks as outlined below towards a 500 hour Advanced Teacher Training Certification. The ParaYoga® trainings can also be applied toward ParaYoga® Certification.

  • VINYASA KRAMA: The Energetics of Sequencing – a ParaYoga® Master Training

  • TANTRA SHAKTI: The Power and Radiant Soul of Yoga – a ParaYoga® Master Training  

  • ADJUSTING CLINIC: - a 3 day immersion into the art of adjustments.

  • FOUR DESIRES: The Yoga of Fulfillment - a ParaYoga® Master Training

Why ParaYoga®?

The first time I was exposed to Rod and the teachings of ParaYoga® in 2004, something in me woke up. After 24 years of a daily yoga practice, this was different from anything else I had experienced, and I found myself both intrigued and unsettled. The practices we did that weekend cured me of a sinus infection and fever, which definitely caught my attention, but also when Rod spoke he challenged my assumptions, and I began questioning what I thought I knew.

Immediately, I incorporated his teachings into my meditations, and before long the practice changed me. At that point I had been meditating since I was 15 and thought I had found the inner peace I had been seeking my whole life. But with this new approach to meditation suddenly a whole new inner world had opened up to me! I became aware of how much I did not yet know, and a hunger began to grow within me. Through ParaYoga® and the Tantric teachings of the Himalayan Masters, I have been feeding that hunger ever since, and am so grateful to be a part of a lineage that offers such a deep well of knowledge and wisdom.

What is ParaYoga®?

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ParaYoga® was founded by Rod Stryker in 1987 after decades of study and apprenticeship with internationally renowned masters. Steeped in a Tantric lineage of Sri Vidya, he has created a tremendous resource for the modern audience that transmits the deep teachings and time-tested wisdom of the yoga tradition and ultimately to help people live lives of greater joy and capacity. ParaYoga® is a living link to these ancient traditions of yoga, meditation, and tantra revealing the timeless science of practices that lead us to the ability to unfold into our highest potential and fulfillment, both in practice as well as in life. A very compelling aspect of studying within the ParaYoga® tradition is that as concepts are presented, they are embodied through practice. Therefore, the learning is not purely intellectual, but on multiple levels at once through embodied experience. In this way, we can truly 'know' what we know.

A particular joy for me now is to take all that I’ve learned on this ParaYoga® journey and through my personal practice, and apply it to the teachings in the studio - the asana, pranayama, and mediation that my students come for every week. As a Level 3 ParaYoga® teacher, I am honored to represent ParaYoga® in offering teachings that invoke the profound knowledge and wisdom of the sages. My goal and my commitment is to meet students where they are, share the teachings, and give students of all levels direct experiences through practice that will connect them to the highest wisdom within, helping them more brightly shine in their own lives.  

The trainings above are fully accredited for:

  • ParaYoga® Level 1 Certification

  • Yoga Alliance CEs for RYTs - 40 credits per Master Training

  • Foundational requirements for Mary Johnston-Coursey's 300+hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training 

* To receive credit for ParaYoga® Master Training certification for Vinyasa Krama, Tantra Shakti, Secret of the Sutras, and Prana Shakti, students will need to attend all training hours, and complete both an online course quiz and book quiz after contact hours are completed.