Group classes are a very recent phenomenon in the history of yoga. Traditionally, yoga was taught one on one, teacher to student. While group classes are efficient, fun, and build community, the downside is that every person's unique needs and desires may not be met within the group.

A private consultation allows us the opportunity to really fine tune the session to meet your unique needs. My goal in a private is to meet you where you are in your practice and move you forward to the next place along your path.

Private sessions allow us to create the practice that best serves your needs.  We can focus on asana, therapeutics, meditation, or all three.  We can meet once, create a package of three sessions, or do an ongoing series of sessions.

Private sessions are an investment towards assessing, refining, and accelerating your own practice - your commitment to yourself - whether that be through physical practice, meditative practice, or lifestyle adjustments. When the timing is right, consider this possibility as a gift to yourself.


  • Four Desires coaching

  • Align and refine your asana practice

  • Yoga Therapy for your issues

  • Meditation guidance

  • Home asana practice designed

  • Home sitting practice designed - Pranayama / Kriya / Mantra Japa / Meditation

  • Combined asana / sitting practice designed

  • Duet and Small Group Special Event Classes in Home


  • Consultation for ongoing sessions or package / free (30 minutes)

  • Practice Sessions (75 minutes)

    • $80 / single session (75 minutes) 

    • $150 / 2 session package

    • $210 / 3 session package

  •  Phone or Skype consultation: $35 - 1/2 hour, $65 - hour, $90 - 90 minutes

  • Four Desires or Practice Consultation: $35 - 1/2 hour, $65 - hour, $90 - 90 minutes

Senior/student discounts and Sliding Scale Fee available on request. Trades considered. I will not turn anyone away for lack of funds.

To schedule a consultation or session(s) please contact me here:

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