• December 1-2 (Certification Students meet November 30, December 1-2)
  • Friday 3:00-6:00, Saturday 9:00am - Sunday 5:30pm


In this final weekend of our year long Teacher Training, we explore the concepts of transmission, progression, and sadhana (practice). While reviewing material from throughout the year, we examine how to titrate the more advanced concepts to serve the various needs of our student base on all levels.  We do this by looking through the lens of how individuals progress through practice. Once you have an idea of the basic stages a student will go through, you can more wisely cater a practice to their level. Ultimately, we come back around to our own practice as the foundation for everything we offer to our students, and therefore our obligation as a teacher to continue in our own path of expansion and integration.

Key Topics We Will Cover:

  • Guru Parampara

  • Para Vidya

  • 6 Gems of ParaYoga

  • Goals of Practice

  • Tantra - How to Incorporate these Tools

  • Adhikara - Progression Through Different Stages of Practice

  • Working with Mind Versus Working with Prana

  • Titrating for our Students - Asana and Meditation Overview

  • 5 Kleshas 

  • Working One on One

  • Sharing of Independent Projects

Recommended reading: Subscription to Yoga International, specific articles and videos to be assigned

CEs for RYTs: 28.5

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Registration & Cancellation Policies:

  • The $100 non-refundable deposit is due at time of registration. When you register, you may pay in full or only pay the deposit; the option to pay only the deposit appears at the final payment screen. Any remaining balance is due by the start date.
  • Early bird rate requires all tuition costs to be paid in full no later than the Early Bird date above. If total costs are not paid in full by this date, participant is no longer eligible for the early bird discount, and course fees will revert to the regular (higher) cost.
  • Any cancellations done 30 days or more prior to event start: The deposit of $100.00 is non-refundable and non-transferable. The balance (total cost minus the deposit) is fully refundable.
  • Any cancellations done 29 days or less prior to event start: The deposit of $100.00 is non-refundable and non-transferable. The balance (total cost minus the deposit) is not refundable, but it is transferable to future events.

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