There are many definitions of Tantra, among them - "to expand" and "to protect".  Tantric meditation, therefore, is a way of using meditation to expand the mind while protecting the psyche. In fact, one of the goals of Tantra ultimately is to help us expand our capacity in the world, and our joy in life. But in order to do that, we must first deal with the psychic demons that unconsciously plague us, controlling our thoughts and deeds. As we continue our exploration of Tantric meditation begun in Tantric Meditation I, we learn now to access the realm of the unconscious, and truly undertake the work of transforming ourselves into brighter beings. 

Once stability has been established, both physically, as well as mentally/emotionally, a doorway opens into a whole new realm of experience. We shall explore specific tools useful to provoke the unconscious, as well as to resolve it. We will continue learning about the energy centers of the spine, and how to work with them for different effects. 

As before, the ultimate goal of this course is to support a deepening of each student's meditation practice. Within each session, there will be a new concept presented, with opportunity for discussion. Students will learn new supporting pranayamas each class. An abbreviated asana practice will be used to prepare for meditation. Each meditation will reveal a new Tantric technique, and a recording will be made available to students. 

This course is also intended to provide a roadmap for those wanting to learn the tools of teaching meditation. For those students interested in learning to teach meditation, and/or working towards certification, there will be an additional 4 hour weekend session, time TBD by the group. 

Thursdays 7:00-9:00 pm

For students interested in learning to teach meditation, and/or in earning 300 hour TT credit, there will be an additional 4 hour weekend meeting - time TBD
Location: From Source to Source in Millcreek


  • Simple pranayama progressions and combinations

  • Conscious mind versus unconscious mind

  • Kriyas to cultivate and direct prana

  • Navel center - the gateway to the unconscious

  • Building the positive power at the navel

  • Return to the heart as needed

  • The role of asana in preparing for meditation

  • Dropping deeper - techniques for stilling the mind

  • Vayu meditations

  • The power of mantra

  • Reassessing your practice