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Bridge to 500 Hour RYT with Yoga Alliance

This 340 hour, advanced training is open to teachers and non-teachers alike who desire to deepen their knowledge.  This extensive, in-depth training goes above and beyond your average teacher training.  It taps into ancient Vedic and Sri Vidya Tantric traditions, giving you tools to utterly transform your life and practice. It extends over two year's time to allow for integration and self-paced study.  Held In Salt Lake City, Utah, this training serves as a bridge for those students who have earned a 200 Hour RYT and are seeking to further their studies, practice and/or teaching of yoga. This course of study is certified by Yoga Alliance and completion can result in earning an RYT 500 Certification. This program is a life changer, and requires a high level of commitment. The following three courses - Vinyasa Krama, Tantra Shakti, and Four Desires - also fully qualified to count towards the ParaYoga® Certification Program. Each weekend counts towards CE credits. For any questions, contact me here.

The high quality of this training is informed by over 35 years of focused study, including 15 years with ParaYoga. This level of experience and synthesis of profound knowledge is a rarity in these days of popular yoga culture in North America.  My ultimate goal is to give as many yogis as possible access to these deeper teachings and build a community around this auspicious tradition.  This training is designed to help people step into their strength and light, overcoming subtle obstacles of the unconscious to access a more powerful capacity and a life full of joy. 

Certification Track students must complete all classes within Modules 1 and 2, attend all weekends for each course, complete a minimum of 32 hours from the elective courses, pass the online tests for Vinyasa Krama and Tantra Shakti, and satisfactorily complete all assigned work. Non-certification track students may register for individual courses unless specified for certification track only.


Certification track students must complete both courses within this module. These two courses lay the foundation for further study within a Tantric approach to Yoga.

  • VINYASA KRAMA: The Energetics of Sequencing - a 5-day ParaYoga® Master Training: Energetics of poses, sequencing for specific effects, dosha, guna, subtle essence, ayurveda

  • TANTRA SHAKTI: The Power and Radiant Soul of Yoga - a 5-day ParaYoga® Master Training: Exploring practices to access the moon of stability and intuition, the sun of power and expanded capacity, and the fire of transformation.

    • Fridays 2:30-6:00, Saturdays / Sundays 9:00-6:00

    • Cost for each individual course $745 or Early Bird $695. Early Bird payment due 1 month in advance of start date.

    • To register for individual course, click on course name.

    • For more details or to register for Teacher Training Certification click here


Certification track students must complete all courses in this module. Each weekend but the final one may be taken as stand alone courses for the non-certification student.

  • THE FOUR DESIRES - a 3-day ParaYoga® Master Training: An inward journey using self-reflection, meditation, and yoga nidra to uncover and re-pattern unconscious negative thought patterns, while empowering the deep calling of the soul. Covers dharma, purushartas, vikalpa, sankalpa, vichara, atma. Certification students must commit to one follow, weekend afternoon session.

  • ADJUSTING CLINIC: Developing the eye, practice assisting and hands on adjustments, review of alignment principles, refining alignment within asana through giving and receiving expert adjustments. 

  • VINYASA KRAMA PRACTICUM: This weekend offers an opportunity for certification students to directly apply the principles learned in Vinyasa Krama by teaching and receiving expert feedback in a guided and supportive atmosphere. 

  • THE POWER OF PRANA - Breath as the key to limitless potential: Building on the energetics from Vinyasa Krama by incorporating theory and practice of Pranayama, this course lays the foundation for Kundalini practice. 

  • KOSHAS I: Therapeutic Applications of Practice: Introducing the 5 Koshas (bodies), then exploring in depth the physical and energy bodies with attention to healing, purifying, and strengthening. 

  • KOSHAS II: the Power of Mantra and Meditation: Continuing the 5 Koshas, emphasizing mind, wisdom, and bliss bodies. This completes Koshas with an emphasis on healing, shaping, and transforming the more subtle aspects of our being through the practices of kriya, meditation, mantra, and vichara combined with and supported by physical practices. 

  • SEAT OF THE TEACHER: Transmission, working one on one, adapting deeper practices for the lay public, sadhana. This 2  weekend course will also provide an opportunity for students to present a final independent project. This course is only available to certification students.

    • INDEPENDENT STUDY PROJECT: Students looking for certification are required to choose a favorite area for deeper study and presentation. The available topics are wide open. Mary would be available to guide towards further resources and offer feedback. Students would present their projects to each other during the Seat of the Teacher session.


These elective courses are intended to allow students to select an area of emphasis in their own learning. Certification students can choose from among these offerings for a minimum of 32 more hours to complete their required hours.

  • YOGA SUTRAS MASTER TRAINING: This five day master training counts towards ParaYoga certification, as well as certification with Mary Johnston-Coursey. 40 hours

  • TANTRIC MEDITATION 1: This class meets once per week over six weeks, to introduce the foundations of Tantric meditation.  The course will culminate with a final weekend afternoon specifically for certification students and those wanting to teach meditation. 18 hours

  • TANTRIC MEDITATION 2: This course expands upon Meditation 1 to explore the progression of practice within meditation, specifically introducing techniques focused around resolving our own inner darkness as a method of personal transformation.  Beginning with once a week sessions over six weeks, the course will culminate with a final weekend afternoon specifically for certification students and those wanting to teach meditation. 18 hours

  • YOGA NIDRA: In this course, we will explore the nature of Yoga Nidra, or 'Yogic Sleep', including it's relationship to sleep, the science behind sleep, and Yoga Nidra's profound ability to induce a deeply relaxed and healing state. We shall explore different approaches to Yoga Nidra that offer varying effects, and address how to incorporate it into your own practice and teaching. 16 hours

  • YOGA FOR TRAUMA: Weekend afternoon - 4 hours

  • ADVANCED PRACTICE SERIES: These four hour weekend sessions provide an opportunity to delve more deeply into a single subject through lecture/discussion, and then embody the material through practice. Practice will generally include bandha/mudra asana practice with a longer pranayama and meditation practice. Certification students can count up to four sessions towards certification. 4 hours per session.

  • YOGA FOR TRANSFORMATION: Kundalini Shakti / Bandha, Mudra, Kriya: This course addresses the philosophy and use of yogic tools to awaken Kundalini and ultimately transform how you perceive and function in the world. 24 hours

This training is truly a journey, a course born of deep study with Rod Stryker and ParaYoga, Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, Yoga Therapy and Alignment, as well as over 40 years of asana and meditation practice.  Drawing upon the art and science of Tantric Hatha Yoga, this program provides an opportunity for practitioners and teachers of yoga to dive deep into the healing power of yoga to transform our lives and expand our capacity. 

The 300 Hour RYT course is stretched out in time with a series of stand alone intensives to give students the time to integrate the material and also have time for study at a self-pace.  This in-depth training will center around the  teachings of Classical Yoga, Veda and Tantra as well as addressing therapeutic applications of Yoga.  

We'll take the intelligent sequencing of  asana and meditation practice and apply them to the unique needs of individuals and groups.  In order to expand the capacity of the practitioners and teachers in this training , we'll engage in:

  • Asana, pranayama & meditation sessions

  • Lectures, discussions & small group exercises

  • Teaching practicums, workshop and private session portfolios

  • Home study, journaling, a continued personal practice & self inquiry

  • Independent project

  • Mentoring

The value of this course rests not simply within the material offered, but also the method. We acknowledge that the deepest level of learning occurs through direct experience; therefore, the material we explore intellectually will also be explored through practice.

Within this overall format, we will examine the physiological and energetic components of asana, refine hands on adjustments and dig deeper into the doshas and gunas.  We will study the subtle body and explore in depth the chakras, vayus, bandhas, mudras, pranayama, and mantra. The koshas will help us discern between the physical, energetic, emotional, and spiritual aspects of practice.  The Yoga Sutras provide a foundation for our study of the mind as we learn about yoga psychology. Meditation practices will incorporate  the often life-changing practices of discovering sankalpa, vichara and core beliefs.  We'll also delve into the role of the teacher, invoking and  and knowing the teacher within, and how this allows one to be deeply present with others.

Included in the training:

  • In-depth training manual for the course

  • Online tests for Vinyasa Krama and Tantra Shakti

  • Workbook for Four Desires

  • Private session with Mary

  • Mentoring and assisting opportunities

  • Overnight retreat during final weekend

Registration Requirements


  • The completion of any 200 hour RYT yoga certification program is required for certification in the 340 Hour program

  • Two years minimum of a yoga and meditation practice is required for participation

For more details or to register for Teacher Training Certification click, click here

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