If you have circumstances around the price that you'd like to discuss, I am totally open to it. The amount of hours, the quality of the training, the overall impact of the training on your life and practice, the depth and quality of the teachings that are offered, the close relationship established both with the teacher as well as with your peers. There are a million teacher trainings out there.  All of them will give you that piece of paper.  There are only a handful that will give you the tools to transform your life and the lives of your students. This is one of them. The 35 years of training that I have put in makes its way into the work. I've been lucky enough to study with living legends, and I can pass that on. I know the people who are attracted to this course of study have the capacity to take it all in. I will give you more than you think you are ready for, because I know you wouldn't be here if you weren't capable of handling it. Why do we study yoga?  What is the ultimate goal? Enlightenment, yes, but a big part is living a life of joy, not of doubt and fear. Tantra is the expedited journey.